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Wrongful Death Lawyer

Has a loved one been taken too soon because of the negligence of another? Such a loss can have a devastating impact on your family. First, we will investigate the facts of the wrongful death incident and provide answers to the family. Second, our Wrongful Death Lawyer will get you and your family the financial support you need to recover fully.

William John DiPetrillo has over 24 years of experience, which will help you get the best result.

Please call to receive a free consultation for your wrongful death case. Hire us. We only get paid if we win your case.

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William John DiPetrillo can and will go to trial on your Wrongful Death case. Most attorneys prefer to settle your claim. However, our firm can and will go to trial. We will try to settle your case for our clients to save time and money, but if that is not successful, we will set the case for trial immediately.

Let us assist you in your time of need.

Wrongful Death Cases

include death as a result of Automobile accidents, Bicycle accidents, Birth Injuries, Motorcycle accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Truck accidents, Slip and fall injuries, or any other accident where your family member has died because of the fault or negligence of another

If gross negligence or intentional misconduct contributed to the death of your family member, punitive damages might be awarded. Our wrongful death lawyer is mindful of the psychological and financial challenges families have to deal with after the death of a loved one. Let our law firm can help your family fight for the justice you deserve.


Immediate family members can file a claim. Family members who can file a claim include spouses, children, and adopted children and parents.

Requirements of a claim are:

  • The at-fault party had a duty of reasonable care to the deceased
  • The at-fault party breached that duty
  • The at-fault party's actions led to the death
  • The death led to monetary and emotional damages

Securing justice for your loved ones requires an experienced lawyer's services.

Serving South Florida since 1997

Our Managing Attorney Mr. William John  DiPetrillo, is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association. He has been the President of his own South Florida law firm for over twenty-four years.

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We will try to settle your claim, but we will take your case to trial to get what you need to recover fully.

First, we will need to gather the necessary evidence to support your claims, such as medical records, medical bills, witness statements, photos, video, expert witness reports, and testimony. This evidence is then used to create a demand package and lays the foundation for negotiations with the insurance company.

The insurance provider may make an initial settlement offer, which marks the beginning of negotiations. At this point, both parties will negotiate an acceptable resolution. If the company denies your claim or doesn’t make a fair offer, we will file a lawsuit.