Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer A personal injury lawyer represents clients that have experienced:
  • * automobile accidents
  • * slip and fall injuries at work, home or other
  • * wrongful death
  • * any other case where you sustain an injury to your person because of the fault/negligence of another

Contingency Fees

Personal injury lawyers should work on a contingency basis. In a contingent fee arrangement, the Personal injury lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage of the amount finally paid to the client. When the case is won, the lawyer’s fee comes out of the money awarded to you. We never charge fees or costs of any kind, if we do not collect monies for you. The standard contingency fee is 33 1/3 percent or 40 percent if the case has to be filed with the Court. This firm uses a standard Florida Bar Association contingency contract. Be careful other firms change this form.


Expenses of the case should be paid by the firm and only subtracted out of the money received. Be careful some firms charge these expenses in advance.

Where are they filed?

Personal injury lawyer cases are civil cases. Meaning they are filed with the clerk of the court civil division. Your personal injury lawyer should do most of the work. After you have treated with your doctor(s) the law firm orders all of the medical records, then sets depositions of witnesses and experts and then prepares for trial if a settlement is not possible. All you should have to do is keep us informed of any treating doctors and expenses incurred. Your spouse may also have a claim. This is called a loss of consortium. This includes, yes physical contact, but also anything you cannot do for your spouse you used to do such as the lawn care etc. Your damages could include pain and suffering, costs (all medical etc.), lost wages, out of pocket expenses, future treatment, etc.

What we do

William John Dipetrillo & Associates, P.A. will attempt to settle your accident injury case as fast as possible keeping the costs down and getting you the most amount of money possible. However, a settlement is getting more and more difficult as insurance companies offer less and less for settlements these days. Even though there are very little “fake” claims these days the insurance companies try to offer as little money as possible and try to stall the case as far as they can. Think about it. The insurance companies take money in for “just in case” something happens so their plan is to keep as much of the money for as long as they can. Be aware that a trial may take years to be resolved. If your personal injury lawyer is really preparing a case for trial you will be able to tell. Be sure your attorney can take a case to trial and does not intend on just settling your case. This firm has been able to obtain millions of dollars in monies for our clients and have settled cases for over one million dollars. I can and will go to trial for you. Do not believe all of the television advertisement you see and be cautious about who you accept a referral from. Please contact us at (800) 394-5323 or email