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Divorce is a horribly painful thing. If you can save your marriage, I recommend you put all your effort into it.

If your marriage can not be saved, divorce is the process of ending it. This process is expensive, takes time and effort, and is very upsetting.

First, just look at the process from a non-lawyer perspective. There are two people with assets and one set of bills. After a divorce and during, there are two sets of bills and the same income. It does not work.

Second, a divorce attorney is going to want a $5,000 retainer to start. This retainer is billed hourly. Unfortunately, the billing seems to go on and on even though most cases can or could be settled early on in the process. This is generally caused by the emotion of the parties. The parties are upset, that is why they are filing for divorce. This generally leads to unnecessary litigation because the parties are being unreasonable. By unreasonable, I mean the parties are upset and want to fight.

Third, the process is adversarial. The parties are already mad at each other and now the process itself leads to more expense and taking an adversarial position in the litigation process.

Remember, there are NO WINNERS in a divorce. It is an expensive, adversarial process that by definition ends with two people splitting their assets and having double the bills.

I always examine the situation and recommend a fair settlement. The process is by statute. Generally 50-50 split of assets and debts. If a settlement can not be reached, I will do as instructed by my client.

In the end, there is a hearing in front of a Judge, no jury, and the Judge will make the decisions for you in what he or she believes to be a fair manner.

As with all cases, I will provide a free consultation to evaluate your individual situation.

Just be advised, divorce is difficult both emotionally and monetarily. Being able to remove the emotion and being ready to compromise can save time, aggravation, and money.