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estate / financial planning

Estate / Financial planning

Estate Planning

This firm’s estate planning service includes a complete evaluation of your current finances, your future financial needs, your plan for your family if requested.

Making plans for your family and loved ones after you are gone is something people put off and expect to deal with later. Later, this may leave a mess for your family and can cost them time, pain, aggravation and can cost them a large percent of what you thought you were leaving them. Get it done now.

Be aware a will is probated. Meaning you still have to file and probate the will which is time-consuming and expensive. This can be avoided in most cases by changing titles in advance.

Remember to attach a list of personal items to your will. The personal items can cause more to fight than the money. Grandpa’s flag, the china, your golf clubs, your wedding ring, etc. should be listed.

Do your living will. This is a personal decision. Remember in the State of Florida you cannot kill someone. You must be clinical and legally dead in most cases in order for the doctor to remove artificial maintenance of your life. If you do not have a living will, in most cases, the doctors have to maintain you which could cause undue pain and suffering to you and your family.

A power of attorney is a good idea. This will enable the person to deal with all of the issues you leave. Be aware, unless it is durable, it will not survive you. Also, a power of attorney can be active when you execute it.


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