William "Bill: DiPetrillo

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyers manage Civil Cases


Most corporate lawyers want a $5,000 retainer to start and bill you hourly.

After a full investigation, I can usually recommend a fair settlement but if not I can and will go to trial.

I have the ability and knowledge to form corporations and then show you how to use them. Anyone can form a company online at Sunbiz.org for a small fee. However, knowing which form of corporation and more importantly how to best use it is what you pay me for. William John Dipetrillo and Associates, P.A.  attorneys can show you how to take your expenses and how to correctly take your income/salary to best protect you and save you money.

Most corporate lawyers spend most of their time helping their business clients to avoid court. They review, draft, and negotiate agreements on behalf of the business which includes everything from lease agreements to multi-billion dollar mergers.

Corporate law involves all legal issues regarding a corporation. These issues could be complex state and or federal regulations. Most states require corporations to host regular meetings, such as annual shareholder meetings and fulfill many other requirements. Corporate lawyers ensure corporations are in compliance with these rules.

I have my business degree and had all of my financial licenses and now my jurist doctorate.

I have many large corporate clients including doctors, businesses and celebrities and athletes. This is a full-service law firm.