Be polite to police officers

Police stop

Officers of the law and all first responders put their lives on the line for all of us every day. Therefore, in my opinion, they deserve your respect. it is also my recommendation to be polite and respectful when dealing with them.

Being polite when approached by an officer can usually help expedite your issue and generally will produce a more favorable result.

Remember, officers have to deal with all kinds of people and all kinds of situations.  In addition, this is a very dangerous and difficult job. Imagine having to approach people in a vehicle and you have no idea who they are or what they are doing or what mood they are in or what they are capable of. I would be scared. If you follow the officer’s instructions and act polite and do not give the officer any reason to be afraid or suspicious, this is bound to make your interaction more pleasant.

Further, if you have your driving information handy and ready, this should speed up the process. You know the first thing any officer will want is your identification. Have it ready and proper. If you are in a vehicle, guess what they will want? They will want your driver’s license, insurance, and registration. Have it ready. Keep all of this in one spot and handy to produce easily. If you are fumbling around searching for these documents it creates suspicion right away. If you are missing these documents it will create an issue. Think about it. Why would you want any officer waiting on you? Looking into your private vehicle? Wondering why you cannot locate common documents? If I was an officer, it would signal my further curiosity.

Be polite, have your documents ready and available, follow instructions carefully and do not make any suspicious movements and this should make the officer more relaxed and your experience faster and more pleasant.

Lastly, take the opportunity to thank the officer for their service.

William J. DiPetrillo

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