Car accidentAn automobile accident can have a significant impact on you life. Here are some easy steps to follow after an accident.

Personal Status Check

Examine yourself for injury.

Check Others

Inspect everyone else involved in the automobile accident for injury.

Call the Police

It is best to call the Police to report the accident/incident. The police report is very important in all legal actions to follow.

Exchange Contact and Insurance Information

Exchange contact and information with all others involed in the accident. Do not admit responsibility or guilt.

Contact Insurance Company

Inform the insurance company about the accident in a breif consice manner.

Medical Treatment

If you need medical treatment obtain it immediately.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

An experienced attorney can save you time and help you secure the best resolution for your case. William John Dipertillo and Associates accepts Personal injury cases on a contingency basis.
The lawyer’s fee comes out of the money awarded to the client.
We do take pride in our commitment to resolving your case as fast as possible. The fact is that insurance companies are offering less. Your patience and insistence on experienced legal help is the best strategy.


Expenses of the case should be paid by the firm and only subtracted out of the money received. Be careful some firms charge theses expenses in advance.
The standard contingency fee is 33 1/3 percent or 40 percent, if the case has to filed with the Court. This firm uses a standard Florida Bar contingency contract. Be careful other firms change this form.