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William John DiPetrillo and Associates, P.A. provides quality legal representation for Personal Injury, Criminal law, Civil law, Corporate law and any other legal matter you may have in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Collier, Hendry, Lee Counties and throughout Florida.

If you have been injured in an accident personal injury lawyer can review your case and answer your questions. Insurance companies may not act in your best interests and the personal injury claims process can be complicated.

Most personal injury attorneys do not go to trial. We can and will go to trial on most matters.

William John DiPetrillo and Associates, P.A. will try to settle your case, in order to obtain a settlement for our clients to save time and money, but if that is not successful we will set the case for trial immediately.

Let us assist you in your time of need.

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William John Dipetrillo and Associates has over 20 years of experience in the following areas.
Personal Injury Law
There are various types of personal injury cases including automobile accidents, slip and fall, injuries at work, home or other wrongful death any other case where you ...
Criminal Law
Criminal cases vary from traffic tickets to murder. TRAFFIC TICKETS: There are numerous attorneys who just do traffic tickets. However, some just intend on settling your ...
Corporate Law
Most firms want a $5,000 retainer to start and bill you hourly.
After a full investigation, I can usually recommend a fair settlement but if not I can and will go to trial.
Family Law / Divorce
Family law is very emotional and is the reason for all attorney jokes. Family law is governed by statute and can be settled in almost every case. However, the parties ...
Estate Planning
This firm does a complete evaluation of your current finances, your future financial needs and your plan for your family if requested. Making plans for you family and ...
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Asked Questions

  1. Determine the type of attorney you need
  2. Verify that any attorney you are considering is in good standing with the Florida Bar Association
  3. It is always best to hire an attorney with years of practical experience.

Car Accident - What to doA car accident can have a significant impact on your life. Here are some easy steps to follow after an automobile accident.

Personal Status Check

Examine yourself for injury.

Check Others

Inspect everyone else involved in the car accident for injury.

Call the Police

It is best to call the Police to report the automobile accident. The police report is very important in all legal actions to follow.

Exchange Contact and Insurance Information

Exchange contact and insurance information with all others involved in the car accident. Do not admit responsibility or guilt.

Contact Insurance Company

Inform the insurance company about the car accident in a concise manner.

Medical Treatment

If you need medical treatment to obtain it immediately.

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced attorney can save you time and help you secure the best resolution for your automobile accident case. William John Dipetrillo and Associates accepts Personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning any attorney’s fees would be paid from settlement funds awarded to the client.
We do take pride in our commitment to resolving your case as fast as possible. The fact is that insurance companies are offering less. Your patience and insistence on experienced legal help is the best strategy.

Car Accident Case Expenses

Legal expenses for the case would be paid by the firm and only subtracted out of the settlement funds received. Be careful, some firms charge these expenses in advance.
The standard contingency fee is 33 1/3 percent or 40 percent if the case has to be filed with the Court. This firm uses a standard Florida Bar contingency contract.



Offering free consultations offers us the opportunity to offer support to prospective clients without a commitment from either party.

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